As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, RF Schraut Heating & Cooling specializes in the most recognized and reliable whole-home humidification products on the market.  Low-maintenance, virtually silent, and effective in maintaining ideal humidity, steam, bypass, and fan-powered humidifiers answer the challenge of any sized space.   Rest assured our factory trained and NATE-certified technicians determine your specific requirements, provide knowledgeable recommendations, and handle proper installation.  All projects are completed quickly, with minimal disruption, and to exacting standards of quality.  As a family owned business, we take a great deal of pride in making life easier and more enjoyable for our customers across .

Reliable Humidifier Installations, Repairs & Service

Implemented directly into the existing HVAC system, Carrier whole-home humidifiers enhance the comfort and health of your home, while significantly reducing heating costs.  Give us a call at 314-714-5059, and we’d be happy to provide further information and setup a convenient appointment time.  Established in 1982, RF Schraut Heating & Cooling offers conscientious and affordable service throughout St. Louis MO, Oakville MO, Mehlville MO, Columbia IL, Crestwood MO, Sunset Hills MO, Kirkwood MO, Webster Groves MO, Fenton MO, Valley Park MO.  There’s Comfort in Family.

Some of the benefits of proper humidification include:

  • You’ll enjoy greater comfort at lower temperature settings
  • Lower thermostat settings significantly cut down on monthly heating costs
  • Less demand on heating equipment lengthens service life, lessens wear and tear, and reduces the risk of malfunctions
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Combats static shock and static cling
  • Defends against the effects of overly dry air, such as dry skin, chapped lips, frizzy hair, dried nasal passages, aggravated symptoms of psoriasis and eczema, itchy eyes, frequent coughing, headache, and increased susceptibility to infection
  • Prevents damage to wood furnishings, artwork, musical instruments, and low voltage electronics

Styles of whole-home humidifiers include:

  • Steam humidifiers – This type of humidifier changes water into steam by way of a current flowing between two energized electrodes.  The steam is introduced into the duct via a dispersion tube.  Carrier’s patented dispersion technology eliminates issues with condensation in ductwork.  The Performance series steam humidifiers allow application without extra filtration, and are forgiving to a wide range of water hardness.  These units include an easy-to-replace steam canister, virtually silent operation, and with up to 34-gallons of output, are an ideal solution for larger homes.  Steam humidifiers maintain optimum humidity levels by infusing a pure and natural form of moisture into indoor air.
  • Bypass style humidifiers – Bypass varieties pull warm air from the home’s heating ducts, and pass it through a water panel.  The air absorbs necessary moisture, and is then transferred back into the air stream.  The Performance series bypass humidifiers draw less electricity than fan-powered humidifiers, taking advantage of the furnace blower to supply the air movement to introduce moisture vapor into your ducts.  Available in large or small capacity, with easy access to water panels and 100% efficient water usage, these models suit any sized home.
  • Fan-Powered humidifier – The Carrier Performance series fan-powered humidifiers operate similarly to bypass options, but with the addition of a fan to blow air across the water panel. This extra power enhances water evaporation.  Available in 18 gallon per day or 12 gallon per day water vapor output, high-capacity, whole-house fan-powered humidifiers deliver moisture vapor directly into your ducts.  While these units require more electricity than bypass style humidifiers, they provide a gallon more of humidity daily.  These units are a perfect solution for heat pump application.