Air Conditioning Tips For Summer

Tips To Help Save Energy & Maximize Comfort During The Summer

  1. Always have your system tuned up. National statistics show having your system tuned up and maintained can save you $27 a month and restore typically more the ½ ton of capacity. Newer units with higher efficiencies will see the efficiencies and capacities lower quicker than the older ones. We have a special Clean and Check normally $117 but with coupon only $97.00.
  2. Make sure your filter is changed on a regular basis. Dirty filters are a very common problem in keeping your home comfortable not to mention all of the health advantages. Join our monthly, Quarterly or yearly email reminder list (depending on what type of filter you have) by emailing and we will add you to our list. If you forget to purchase new filters call 314-892-3048 and we will get them shipped directly to your front door.
  3. Turn your fan to the “ON” position. This will allow the air in the home to circulate and blend the air from other parts of the home to even out. You will notice that there are not the sharp temperature differences like you have when the system is in the “Auto” position. Additional benefits from leaving the fan on is you will be continually filtering and cleaning the air in your home.
  4. Keep your thermostat at a more constant temperature. It takes more energy and time to cool a home down than it does to maintain it. If you adjust your thermostat do no more than a 4-5 degree swing so the AC can return to your desired set point in a reasonable amount of time.
  5. Always make sure your drain hose is clear. Water can back up and cause a lot of damage. We have a new safety float that will install in your coil to prevent water from damaging your floors. It is on Sale for $79.00.
  6. If your system is over 12 years old consider replacing it. Technology has changed significantly since then. Comfort and efficiency have now dominated the market place. Carrier has Cool Cash rebates up to $1350 ($750 is most common) and 36 month 0% Financing that they are covering the entire cost of. Ameren has rebates up to $900 (most common is $350-$550). Laclede Gas has rebates of up to $225. Lastly we have great discounts of up to $450 on equipment and $195 in indoor air quality discounts. Call today to set up a free comfort analysis. 314-714-5059
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