RF Schraut Heating & Cooling specializes in home protection, providing our customers across complete peace of mind.  Established in 1982, we’ve seen firsthand the damage and expense caused by power surges.  Let us safeguard your home, valuable appliances, and electronics with a surge protection program.  Installed directly at your electric meter, surge protection is cost-effective, proven reliable, and the perfect defense against sudden power surges.

Protect Your Home From Power Surges

Power surges often result in permanent damage to electronics and appliances.  While thunderstorms and lightning strikes are a risk, the majority of the time, surges are generated inside the home.  Generators and motors in many major appliances send surges into the electrical system every single day.  While these surges are sometimes small, and only wear down lights and electronics, multiple surges can cause much bigger problems and expense.  Fortunately, whole-home surge protectors monitor surges and divert excess power into the grounding wire, while maintaining normal voltage levels in the home.

For professional surge protection service, call the team from RF Schraut Heating & Cooling!

Contact RF Schraut Heating & Cooling at 314-714-5059 for further information.  Our experienced and qualified specialists will help you determine the right coverage for your specific needs.  We offer convenient appointment times, quick turnaround on all projects, and service throughout St. Louis MO, Oakville MO, Mehlville MO, Columbia IL, Crestwood MO, Sunset Hills MO, Kirkwood MO, Webster Groves MO, Fenton MO, Valley Park MO.  Family owned, we take a great deal of pride in providing conscientious and convenient services to improve and facilitate your everyday life.  There’s Comfort in Family.