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Benefits of a Whole-home Humidifier

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Air Quality

whole-home-humidifierThe climate outside your home can have a huge affect on your health and wellbeing. While damp, humid air carries its own host of problems, dry air can have truly disastrous consequences. A whole home humidifier can be a true lifesaver that can help counter these problems.

When it comes to your health (and the health of your family and pets), dry air can make common problems much worse. Dry air in your home can increase the symptoms of allergies and seasonal hay fever, and when you have the heat cranked up in the winter these problems are usually multiplied.  Skin irritation, dry sinuses, red and itchy eyes – all of these maladies can be down to dry air.

Dry air can also cause issues for your home furnishings and for the structure itself. An arid climate draws the natural moisture out of your porous wood furnishings, ruining heirloom pieces and warping your hard wood floors. If you have any musical instruments, they will slowly start to warp, and over time they will be damaged beyond repair.

It is clear that you need to do something about the dry air in your home – a humidifier can do the job and fix these problems. While some people turn to a small unit that is meant to work in just one room of the home, these can actually cause more problems than they can solve. If you want your entire home to be comfortable, a whole home humidifier is a much better way to go.

Here are just a few of the benefits of having a whole home humidifier installed.

A whole home humidifier regulates your indoor temperatures

Dry air can make your interiors feel much cooler than they actually are. During the cold winter months, this means that you usually set your thermostat higher to compensate and reach a comfortable level. A humidifier can sort this out and more easily keep your home at the temperature you prefer.

A whole home humidifier is convenient and easy to use Once your humidifier has been installed, it is very easy to set your preferred humidity level and forget about it for the season. Humidifiers use hygrometer to measure the temperature in your home, and it then automatically humidifies the air as your furnace warms it and pumps it out.

It won’t ‘over-humidify’ your home

Too much humidity comes with its own set of problems. After all, an environment that is too wet and moist is more prone to mold, mildew, pest infestations, and damage to your furnishings and textiles. A small single room humidifier will not come with a built in regulator, and might cause too much humidity in your home. A whole home system will prevent this, monitoring the levels in your entire home and adding moisture only when it is needed.

A whole home humidifier will improve your sleep and overall health

A whole home humidifier will evenly maintain the moisture in your home, keeping allergies at bay. Dry air can cause serious sinus problems and nose bleeds, even encouraging viruses and respiratory illnesses. Well humidified air can also reduce the likelihood of snoring, and will reduce the occurrence of chapped lips, dry throat and dry skin.

It will make you and your family feel much more comfortable

Overly dry air can cause dry skin and hair, and increase the chances of sore throats and snoring. None of these feel very nice! Dry air also tends to be cooler in temperature than moist air, and so it cause fluctuations in your home’s heat. If you want your home to feel more effortlessly comfortable, a whole home humidifier is your best bet.

It can help you save money on your heating bill

Well humidified, perfectly heated air will allow you to keep your home’s thermostat set lower than usual. This allows you to enjoy the same comfort you are used to while still saving money on your heating bill. A whole home humidifier is plumbed right into your household water system, and costs just pennies a month to operate.

As you can see, there are many benefits of a whole home humidifier system. Keeping your family warm, safe and healthy? It just makes good sense (and saves you cents!).


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