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There's Comfort With the Schraut Family


Concord is a smaller township located in South St. Louis County.  Homes in this area are typically older and more established, but there’s a fair amount of new construction as well.  Concord is served by two different school districts, both Lindbergh and Mehlville, and you can’t guess the zip code of someone who lives in Concord, as its boundaries are served by two different post offices!

The level of home ownership in this area is quite high, with 86% of residents owning the home in which they reside.  You’ll find churches, medical and dental offices, car dealerships, and much more in this centrally located community.

The offices of R. F. Schraut Heating and Cooling are located in a neighboring township to Concord, so  residents here can enjoy knowing that they are using a local company when engaging Schraut for their heating and cooling needs.  Some of those older homes in Concord can sure be drafty, so save on your energy costs by making sure you have the best insulation possible.  Proper insulation can also guard your home from excess moisture build up, and can even serve as a sound barrier!  Those noisy neighbors won’t be nearly as bothersome if you have adequate insulation.  It’s a must-have for those homes located near Highways 270 and 55 who can regularly hear traffic noise.

Did you know that proper insulation can even limit the damage if your home caught fire?  It’s an investment that has so many benefits, but the one you’ll probably notice most is the lower costs on your monthly electric and natural gas bills.

Concord residents can rest assured, knowing that a locally-owned, reputable heating and cooling business is nearby.  Call R. F. Schraut Heating and Cooling today!

What are they saying in Concord?


5.0 rating
January 3, 2019

I LOVE our new system. The technicians were at our home the majority of the day and refused to leave even though it was after 6pm until they were confident we knew exactly how to work our new upgraded system.

Matt S. | Oakville, MO

I love our wifi thermostat

5.0 rating
January 3, 2019

Schraut installed a new heating & cooling system in my home which came with a wifi enabled thermostat. I LOVE being able to change the temperature on my way home from work so when I get there it’s the perfect temperature already!

Sarah S. | Oakville, MO

Quick & Accurate

5.0 rating
January 3, 2019

Schraut is the best. Brian was our salesman and he was extremely professional and helpful with answering my questions.

Nancy B. | Oakville, MO

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