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How to Maximize the Life of your Furnace

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Furnace, Heating

Increase Lifespan of FurnaceA functioning furnace is the key to painting ultimate comfort in your home through the long winter months year after year. Though your furnace won’t last forever, there is plenty you can do to lengthen its lifespan and get the most of your heating system. After all, a well-kept furnace can last up to 20 years.

If you notice your energy bills have been climbing over the years, it might be time to re-evaluate how you treat your furnace. Here are some simple things you can do to increase the longevity and efficiency of your heating system to save you the hassle of cold rooms and bigger bills in the future.

Replace the filters

This is the easiest thing that you can do on a regular basis to keep tabs on your furnace’s performance. A dirty filter makes it difficult for air to pass through, which will in turn reduce the efficiency of your furnace, forcing it to work harder to do the job it wants to do through a clean filter. This results in higher energy bills, difficulties maintaining the comfortable temperature in your home, and unnecessary wear and strain on the whole heating system.

Your filter will need to be changed every 30 to 90 days depending on the conditions. Getting into the habit of checking your filter on a monthly basis will ensure that you catch a dirty filter before it can cause any bigger problems for your household.

Seal any leaks

Whenever there is a leak in the system, your furnace is going to have to work a lot harder to keep up. Whether it’s a point where hot air is leaking out, cold air is seeping in from the outside, or a hole somewhere within the system is reducing the strength of the airflow, this will cause unnecessary strain on the system and force it to work harder to keep you warm.

Unless you want to spend heaps of extra money fighting to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, it’s important to check any points of entry or exit — windows, doors, heating ducts, etc. — for possible air leaks and seal them before it creates any undue stress on your system.

Check the thermostat

Upgrading your old analog thermostat to a programmable digital technology can increase the accuracy of your temperature regulation system by reducing the amount of energy the system wastes trying to pinpoint the temperature you’re looking for. Not only that, but some of them can even be controlled from an app on your phone, which is pretty cool!

If you’re not sure what you can integrate into your current system, consulting a trusted professional can always help you determine the option that is right for you.

It’s the little things

Proper insulation and weatherstripping will also help reduce any heat lost through through the winter months. Alternative or complimentary heat sources like space heaters or an stove after you’re done cooking can temporarily lessen the load on your furnace. Keeping your furnace room clean of dust and lint will increase the lifespan of a new filter.

Being mindful of the little things around your home will go a long way to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Schedule regular maintenance

Scheduling an annual inspection and maintenance of your furnace system is hands down the best way to keep your unit working to the best of its ability for the entirely of its life. Fall is the best time to arrange an appointment with an experienced professional to make sure everything is working order before going into the winter. A qualified technician from a trusted company who specializes in maintenance and repair of heating and cooling systems is your best bet for addressing any possible problems before they

Prevention is the best way to keep your family warm and and your wallet full. A small repair will always be more affordable and less hassle than dealing with a problem that has had years to build-up and forces you to replace the whole furnace system. Regular maintenance of your heating and furnace systems will allow you catch a problem before it turns into something bigger and save money in the long run.


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