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The Benefits of Air Sealing

by | Dec 3, 2017 | Air Sealing, Insulation

Air Sealing BenefitsHousehold bills – they’re expenses none of us like paying but we certainly couldn’t live without. We’re constantly looking for way to reduce the cost of our household bills, such as switching the lights off, cooking less and taking showers rather than running a bath. However, few people think about the savings they could make by sealing off any open areas and cracks which are letting the heat out and the cool air inside the home. The benefits of air sealing really start to add up when you consider it, and while it might be an initial expense which requires some time and effort to organize, you’ll be able to make the most of these advantages for a long time afterwards.

Cut the costs of heating your home

By sealing up the cracks and making your property airtight, you’ll be able to dramatically cut the costs of heating. Particularly when winter rolls around and heating bills suddenly go surging through the roof, you’ll notice the difference once your home has been sealed in the necessary areas. Not only will the house retain any heat that has been created through radiators and other forms of heating, but less cool air will be allowed into the property.

Cut down on unnecessary equipment

As well as cutting down on the general household bills related to heating your home, you will also find that you need less equipment around the house, such as additional heaters. Without using extra heaters in your house, you will save money on electricity bills too. With any cracks sealed tight, you may even find that your central heating system heats your entire home on a very low setting.

Improve the durability and quality of your property

Without being open to cold air coming in, your property will become a lot more durable. Not only will this make it easier and more comfortable for you to live there, but it will also increase your chances of finding people to rent or buy your property in the future. While you might not be thinking so far ahead at the moment, people greatly value a house where the bills can be kept low and the property doesn’t become cold easily during winter.

Prevent allergens from entering the house

One of the main causes of damage and problems within the home are allergens such as dust and mold and everything which comes as a result of these building up. Small cracks around the building can make it very easy for dust and damp to get into your house, thus creating damp and cold patches which are difficult and costly to repair. These common household problems also make your home unsafe and unhealthy, particularly for young children or older vulnerable adults.

Keep out the bugs and insects

It’s not just the cold air that will come into your property if you don’t have it air sealed. Unfortunately, creepy crawlies and other bugs can get in quite easily and cause damage to the woodwork and fixtures within your home. Insects such as moths can cause damage to clothing and fabrics in the house, such as sofas and bedding.

Even out the temperature of your home

Once your air seal your home, you won’t have to worry about those annoying parts of the house which always seem to be colder than the others. Maybe there’s the one half of a room that nobody really wants to sit in, or the corner of the bedroom that always seems to be cold. Getting an even temperature around your home can make it a more comfortable and warm place to live.


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