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Benefits of Using Cellulose Insulation

by | Dec 3, 2017 | Insulation

Cellulose Insulation BenefitsWhen it comes to shopping for insulation, you may decide on whichever is cheapest, you may take the recommendation of the hardware store employee, or you may just choose based on which has the best marketing and draws your eye. But, insulation is a pretty big deal – after all, it helps your home become greener and more energy efficient, lowers energy usage and can even prevent damage and moisture buildup in the home. That’s why it’s important to have a bit of background knowledge in insulation before you go out and purchase the insulation or hire somebody to install it.

One of the best materials, and only material you should use in your home for insulation is cellulose. Hands down, there is no better material to use than cellulose to line your walls, attic and roof. This specific material has heaps of benefits all while remaining relatively inexpensive. If you’re interested in getting the most bang for your buck, read on to find out with cellulose makes the best option to insulate your home.

Cellulose Insulation Provides the Best Thermal Insulation

You can think of insulation as a giant cooler. What do coolers do? Coolers lock internal temperatures inside the cooling chest. Similarly, cellulose insulation provides superior temperature locking abilities when it comes to heat (and even cold air!) inside your home. Many people often think of coolers as containers that are solely used to keep food and drinks cold, much like insulation just keeps a house warm. But the opposite scenario is also true. How it works with insulation is the layer of cellulose padding traps cold air inside. That way, you can stay cool in the summer and warm in the summer.

Cellulose Insulation Reduces Your Energy Bill

Because cellulose is so great at allowing temperatures to be sealed inside, you’ll find yourself reaching for the thermostat a lot less. Whether it’s winter time and temperatures are dipping below freezing, it’s scorching in the summertime, or any other temperature in between, cellulose insulation keeps your home at an ideal temperature. You’ll find out quickly just how much you’ll be saving on energy consumption when you install cellulose insulation in your home.

Cellulose Buffers Out Sound

This is one advantage many homeowners overlook. Cellulose insulation is not only a great barrier in allowing the temperature of the air inside your home to escape, but it also is great at blocking out sound. Cellulose insulation is dense in nature, unlike conventional insulation materials. Being so dense creates a barrier within the home. This is advantageous for multiple reasons. It stops sounds from traveling through walls and floors within your home, but also blocks out sounds outside of your home like traffic, talking, bird chirping and more. With cellulose insulation lining your walls, you’ll be amazed at how much sounder you’ll sleep and quieter your home is.

Cellulose Is Much More Fire Resistant Than Fiberglass Insulation

We always like to remain optimistic and hope for the best, however it’s important to be planned for the worst case scenarios as well. One of the worst case scenarios for homeowners, quite obviously, would be if their home burnt down. If your house did ever catch on fire (knock on wood), it’d be in much better shape with cellulose insulation. Cellulose is much better at containing fibers than material like fiberglass because it is so dense and heat resistance.

Cellulose Is Resistant to Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can wreak havoc on your home. Not only do they compromise the structure of the building, but various types of model are infamous for causing health problems. If you find yourself constantly congested, sneezing, irritated and even depressed and unable to sleep, you may have a mold problem lurking within your walls. Most conventional insulation material just don’t handle mold and mildew well, allowing moisture to consolidate. Fortunately, this problem is easily avoidable if you upgrade to cellulose insulation, known to be mold and mildew resistant.

The Choice Is Clear: Opt for Cellulose Insulation

It may be tempting to go for that bright pink, cotton candy-like insulation you’re probably accustomed to seeing, but there is a much better, cost-effective option cellulose insulation. There are no downsides to insulating your home with cellulose. Cellulose insulation is superior in quality, often pays for itself in energy savings, is made of a greener material than fiberglass and other conventional insulation materials and can even prevent you and your family from getting sick from mold growth. Whether you’re a new home buyer or have had your home for years, be sure to upgrade to the best insulation material on the market.


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