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There’s Always Been Comfort With the Schraut Family…
Now there’s even more!

We’ve become part of the Air Comfort family to bring you the best service possible. Air Comfort Service, Inc. is proud to celebrate 50 years in business and provides the same personal attention and expertise our customers have come to enjoy throughout the years. Call today for the ultimate home comfort experience!

There's Comfort With the Schraut Family

A/C Repair


Nothing is worse than an air conditioner that doesn’t work when you need it the most — on a hot, sweaty day in the middle of summer. Even the most well-maintained units can have problems, and when that happens, you will need the help of a trusted professional to assess the situation and provide solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. With so many companies to choose from, it’s not always an easy choice to make. At R.F. Schraut Heating and Cooling, we are confident that we have everything needed to offer the highest quality service around.


It’s never fun when household appliances break down, but your air conditioner? That’s one that you really rely on in the heat of the summer. It’s a huge (and sweaty) inconvenience when it goes on the fritz. Preventative maintenance can help catch some of the most common issues before they become problems, but sometimes it isn’t enough. If your AC unit is acting up, you need to call in an expert to have a look and diagnose the problem.

There are countless air conditioner specialists in the St. Louis area, so how do you know which one to choose? We have a lot of great competition out there, but the team here at R.F. Schraut Heating and Cooling likes to think that we offer the best service and the best value on the market.

With over 30 years in the HVAC industry, our family company has seen it all. We’ll give you a basic quote over the phone, and then one of our experienced technicians will come out and assess your unit before providing a custom estimate. We work quickly, accurately and reliably, and we charge fair prices for honest work.

Whether you need to fix a simple refrigerant leak or you need to replace the compressor and fan controls, we’ve got your back. Call or email us today.

Special Features

  • Clients are treated with the same care and respect that we would treat a friend or any member of our family. Our slogan is Theres Comfort in Familyfor a reason.
  • We offer an exclusive Comfort Club membership option to our valued clients to keep you and your family cool and comfortable all year long.
  • The reviews speak for themselves — we’re confident in our commitment to quality service, and all of the happy customers who have left us wonderful reviews over the years have vouched for us!