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There’s Always Been Comfort With the Schraut Family…
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We’ve become part of the Air Comfort family to bring you the best service possible. Air Comfort Service, Inc. is proud to celebrate 50 years in business and provides the same personal attention and expertise our customers have come to enjoy throughout the years. Call today for the ultimate home comfort experience!

There's Comfort With the Schraut Family

Commercial Cooling


As a business owner, we understand that the satisfaction of your employees as well as your customers is top priority. It’s important that they feel safe and comfortable in your space, and keeping the building at a cozy temperature is one of the ways to do that. If you’re not sure what the best option is for your space, no problem. R.F. Schraut Heating and Cooling has over 30 years of experience helping people just like you.


If you own a business in the St. Louis area, you need to ensure that your property is safe and fit for your employees and the general public. After all, your employees’ health and wellbeing while they are on your premises is your responsibility. If they feel comfortable and cool while at work, they are much more likely to do their best and work to their highest productivity level.

Keeping your workspace at a temperate level should be one of your main priorities. Not sure how to go about this? No problem. The team here at R.F. Schraut Heating and Cooling is composed of seasoned technicians with expertise in commercial cooling services. We have more than 30 years of experience with commercial cooling, and we will provide you with sensible solutions at an affordable price.

No matter what kind of business you are engaged in, we can advise you about the best cooling options for your space. Whether you want to keep your space chilled, temperate or toasty warm in the winter, we can help you make the choice. We can also help you maintain, repair and replace any existing units that you already have.

You might want to consider our Comfort Club membership scheme. We offer four levels of membership, allowing you to spread your maintenance budget efficiently across the financial year. Call or email us today – we are always happy to help.

Special Features

  • Taking care of your heating and cooling needs now will save you heaps of time, money and headaches in the future.
  • Employees who are comfortable in their work environment will be happier and more productive in their roles
  • Our Comfort Club members can enjoy the benefits of regular maintenance to keep costs down for your business throughout the financial year.

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R.F. Schraut is able and willing to bring comfort to your family. We live in St. Louis and will treat your home as if it were our own. We would never install a system in your home that we wouldn't use ourselves.