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There’s Always Been Comfort With the Schraut Family…
Now there’s even more!

We’ve become part of the Air Comfort family to bring you the best service possible. Air Comfort Service, Inc. is proud to celebrate 50 years in business and provides the same personal attention and expertise our customers have come to enjoy throughout the years. Call today for the ultimate home comfort experience!

There's Comfort With the Schraut Family


Heating Services

Coming home or waking up to a cold and damp house has got to be one of the worst feelings there is. That’s why R.F. Schraut Heating and Cooling is proud to offer a wide range of heating services so that you never have to worry about your heater going on the fritz when you need it most.

If you do have any problems, we are there for you to get them sorted right away. Whether you need servicing for your furnace, heat pump, boiler or commercial heating systems, we provide efficient and affordable servicing and maintenance.

In addition to our core range of heating services, we are proud to offer our clients access to the Carrier Residential Series Ductless System. This system has been designed for exceptional heating and cooling comfort with a compact wall system.


R.F. Schraut is a leader in the St. Louis furnace industry, and we provide our clients with a full suite of furnace services.

Heat Pump

When it comes to keeping your home at the ideal temperature, you should consider investing in a heat pump


There are more boilers on the market than ever, with options that are compact, efficient and easy of the wallet.


Maintaining a commercial property comes with it a lot of responsibility, being in good condition.


More and more, our clients are electing to install a ductless heating system into their homes or offices.

Heating Tips & Tricks

How to Maximize the Life of your Furnace

A functioning furnace is the key to painting ultimate comfort in your home through the long winter months year after year. Though your furnace won’t last forever, there is plenty you can do to lengthen its lifespan and get the most of your heating system. After all,…

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Why Does my Furnace Smell Weird?

When summer comes to an end and you turn your heating system on for the first time again, you might notice any number of musty and dusty smells coming from the furnace. While these smells are to be expected and completely normal, they should not be ignored because…

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How to Prepare your Furnace for the Winter

When you and your family make the transition to winter, it’s important to bring your house along for the ride. You don’t want to be caught in the cold without a working heating system, so ensuring that your furnace is fully functioning as safely and efficiently as…

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R.F. Schraut is able and willing to bring comfort to your family. We live in St. Louis and will treat your home as if it were our own. We would never install a system in your home that we wouldn't use ourselves.