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Heat Pump Maintenance


Just like anything else in your home, a heat pump needs to be properly cared for to be the efficient money saving asset that you know it to be. A neglected heat pump will degrade over time and no longer work the way it is meant to. This can causes all kinds of problems with maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or office, never mind the inconvenient costs that come along with having to repair or replace it. Regular maintenance can prevent this disaster from happening.


If you have made the choice to install a heat pump in your home, you already know about their efficiency and money saving attributes. Now that you have made a wise investment in your home’s heating and cooling, it is time to protect your asset and ensure that you stay on top of its maintenance.

Maintaining your heat pump is a smart move that will keep your home or office expertly climate controlled without any failures or pauses in your service. If you neglect to maintain your heat pump, over time it can degrade and age. One morning you might wake up and your home is cold and damp – nothing is worse.

The team at R.F. Schraut Heating and Cooling helps you to maintain your heat pump and ensure that it is in good condition at all times. We offer our clients the chance to belong to our unique Comfort Club Maintenance Program. Our Comfort Club gives you four levels of membership so that you can choose the right amount of coverage that works best for you. We monitor your heat pump and ensure that it is working efficiently. Minor fixes are always cheaper than major repairs – we help you stay on top of your maintenance and prevent the stress of a major break down. Call or email us today.

Special Features

  • Having a heat pump installed in your home can increase the efficiency in climate control, keeping you comfortable all year long.
  • Maintaining the state of your heat pump is crucial to ensure its continued efficient performance and prevent big expenses later on.
  • Regular clients can take advantage of our Comfort Club membership perks that include regular maintenance of your heating systems.