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There’s Always Been Comfort With the Schraut Family…
Now there’s even more!

We’ve become part of the Air Comfort family to bring you the best service possible. Air Comfort Service, Inc. is proud to celebrate 50 years in business and provides the same personal attention and expertise our customers have come to enjoy throughout the years. Call today for the ultimate home comfort experience!

There's Comfort With the Schraut Family

Heat Pump Repair


If you already have a heat pump installed in your home or office, you know that it works wonders to achieve the perfect temperature in your space in a very cost-efficient way. When your heat pump isn’t working properly, not only are you faced with the hassle of your temperature controls being out of whack, but also the added stress of having to find the right company to take care of you. R.F. Schraut Heating and Cooling has over 35 years of experience handling heat pump needs in the community.


If you have already invested in a heat pump, you already know that they are the best way to affordably heat your entire home. By shifting the cool and warm air around your home, you can maintain a pleasant temperature all year round. This will save you money and keep your home comfortable, cozy and welcoming. Keeping your house the perfect temperature without cranking up the heat or the AC? Perfect.

However, if your heat pump breaks down, you will be back at square one, suffering through a home that has hot spots and chilly corners. The thermostat gets cranked  back up and your dollars start disappeared down the drain again. It’s time to hire a trusted name in the HVAC industry to get your heat pump back on track.

R.F. Schraut Heating and Cooling is a family owned business with over 30 years in the business. We treat our clients just the way we would want tradespeople to treat us – like members of the family. Not only do we have the skills and experience to get the job done right the first time, we won’t take you on a ride.

We believe in fair pricing, good work and customer service. Call or email us today and let’s talk about how we can help you repair your heat pump.

Special Features

  • “There’s Comfort in Family.” — We are a family owned company dedicated to providing you with the same level of service we would give our own family.
  • Our team is made up exclusively of NATE-certified technicians who are the most qualified to take care of your repair needs.
  • Regular clients can take advantage of our Comfort Club membership perks that include regular maintenance of your heat pump to prevent bigger, more costly repairs in the future.