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Air Sealing


Unwanted air can creep into your home through various outlets. Properties with attics can lose lots of heat through cracks in the hatch or tiny holes in the roof. Sealing any gaps and spaces which might invite extra air into your home is very important if you want a well-insulated property that keeps your utility bills down.


Getting your home air sealed can drastically increase your comfort levels, and it’s not always a massive job either. Your home might be fully insulated, but if small leaks or cracks have been allowed to form, you’ll still lose heat and allow air to come in.

Caulking is a popular method of air sealing your home, and this is usually done around windows or other areas which are immovable. For movable windows, doors and other parts of the house, weatherstripping is a more flexible option which keeps the air out and can save you around 20% on your heating bills.

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Special Features

  • There’s not just one way to air seal your home, so you can discuss the options with one of our experts and find which method will work best for you and your house.
  • An air sealed house will require less heating, so while you’ll pay the initial costs of having the work done, you’ll save plenty of money over the next few years.
  • There’s nothing you can do to guarantee no pests in your house, but you can certainly help to minimize the amount of bugs and other creatures which enter through holes and gaps around the house.

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