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Blown Cellulose


Blown-in cellulose insulation is a common type of insulation which is used for houses and other buildings, particularly in the attics. Unlike other types of insulation which are added to the property as it is being built, blown-in insulation can be installed later and warms up the house by filling holes and gaps with small pellets of cellulose.


If you want to insulate closed walls, the best option is usually blown-in cellulose insulation. Our inspectors will visit your property to calculate how much cellulose is needed to insulate the space.

The process itself involves an insulation blower which enters hollow spaces through small holes which are drilled into the walls. The cellulose pellets are gently blown into the space until there are no more gaps to be filled, creating a layer of insulation around the room.

Over time, the cellulose pieces will settle into the walls and prevent cold drafts from coming into the property, keeping the house warmer and more secure.

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Special Features

  • Any form of insulation will help you to achieve a warmer environment in your home, and since less heat will escape the property, you’ll save money on heating bills too.
  • The cellulose pellets used in blown-in insulation is made from around 85% recycled materials, which makes it greener than some other forms of insulation.
  • Since 15% of materials used in cellulose has been treated with borates, houses situated in suburban areas can reduce the amount of vermin and pests which they attract.

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